NX CAD Secrets Training - Available in 4 languages!

Our NX CAD Secrets training is not only the perfect addition to any beginner training. Even as an experienced NX user, you will learn simple but often hidden steps to improve your workflow.

Who is the NX CAD Secrets Training for?

Simon's CAD Secrets create the right extension for all NX users who are just completing basic training or who already have initial knowledge of Siemens NX. The earlier the correct movements are trained, the more sustainably they are used in everyday life. But even for experienced designers there is often undreamt-of potential in Siemens NX. Because in our NX CAD Secrets Training It's not primarily about new tools or commands, but specifically about their use in everyday design work.

Coach Simon Thanks to his many years of experience and constant work with the Siemens NX software, he knows exactly what it takes to design designs that are change-resistant and modular. He worked as a consultant and face-to-face trainer for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and can quickly assess the work processes in your company.

Tu savais deja?

The NX CAD Secrets Training is now also available in French!

In addition to German, English and Chinese, ours NX CAD Secrets Training now also available in French. You get access to over 3 hours of video material in the language of your choice!

Our own Bizlearn Online Campus offers a well thought-out learning environment with a blended learning concept.

What does the NX CAD Secrets training include?

The training focuses on accelerating your workflows. In concrete terms, this can be achieved by making constructions update-stable right from the start. But also by reducing the calculation time. And we're not talking about constructions from 500 features, but rather from 5.000 features. Even small movements help! Above all, the correct handling of selection rules and Boolean operations needs to be learned.

Types of Relations & Error Avoidance:
Properly relating objects to one another requires knowledge of object types and selection rules. If you implement this knowledge in your design, you automatically avoid warnings and errors that can lead to changes in the design.

Boolean Operations & Time Saver:
Sheet bodies and solid bodies are combined in Siemens NX using Boolean operations. But working with Boolean operations is often not as simple as you might think. In our NX CAD Secrets training, we will show you new hybrid design techniques that you can use to exploit all the potential of Siemens NX.

Modularity Reuse:
Horizontal modeling makes feature reuse possible. The modular structure of the model history organizes your construction, which makes many possibilities visible to you. In this training you will learn the necessary strategies for this.

You can find a small selection of Simons CAD Secrets on our YouTube channel. There we have put together a playlist with useful tips and tricks for construction beginners. Click here for the CAD Secrets Playlist!

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More information:

  • Duration of training approx. 1 day

  • General Methods and Horizontal Modeling

  • 12 months access to our Bizlearn Online Campus

  • Over 3 hours of video material, each with audio explanation

  • Audio available in English, German, French and Chinese (other languages ​​on request)

  • Customized training content (available on request)

  • Live support for 30 days (before and after training) with trainer Simon

  • Maintenance and moderation of the learning platform

  • PDF handout and final evaluation of the training success

  • Weekly reporting (from 30 users)

  • Our Chinese servers are always included

NEW: Our Siemens NX Update Training Bundle now always includes ours NX CAD Secrets Training.

Do you and your team want to perform a Siemens NX update - quick and easy?

Your software is already up-to-date, but you still find it difficult to integrate it into your everyday work?

Our Siemens NX update training will help you! At Bizlearn, we think it's always worth updating. Not only are new functions and commands added, but also known problems and bugs in the software are eliminated.

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