Bizlearn's learning strategies are adapted to everyday working life and seasoned with a lot of “gamification”. Without exception, these resources are related to the company or the learning topic. The efficiency of the training is increased, the duration of the training is shortened and money is saved. The gamification tools used by Bizlearn have already been tried and tested in practice and are works council safe. The term gamification stands for the fact that a learning scenario is enriched with playful approaches and characteristics. It is also not excluded that the learning content is even transmitted in a game.

There is a player in everyone.

People learn through play from birth. Basically, however, people also play in adulthood, be it computer games, board games, or actually a competition here and there in which one participates.

The motivation behind playing is, on the one hand, the goal of going home a winner. But the fun factor also plays a central role.

While children acquire their knowledge of role-play and motor skills through play, but by no means formally, in adults this method only becomes apparent when learning a hobby and trying it out.


The receptivity and thus also the ability to store knowledge decreases with the discomfort and increases with the fun factor.

Acquiring knowledge formally belongs to the hardly contested standard during school days. The fun usually falls by the wayside due to the high pressure to succeed and that also affects the results in the application, the exam.

This problem often continues with the learning adult. In the meantime, it has already been scientifically proven several times that motivation increases comprehension immensely and can accordingly ensure an efficient absorption of knowledge in the context of training.

Self-motivation is required for e-learning, as participants initially move away from a social group. The participants are therefore not motivated by their colleagues in the group, but are left to their own devices. This motivation can be increased through gamification. This makes learning “child's play”. It is not for nothing that this idiom is used very often when promoting easy-to-learn learning content.


Before taking part in the training, the income of the employee who is learning is the reason for the motivation to take part in it. One of the factors for the successful completion of a training course is this type of motivation when it no longer matters. During the training, didactics is required, which basically aims at the well-being of the participant during the training.


You will certainly remember the game Moorhuhn, in which a fake desktop was displayed at the touch of a button in order to cover up the "deed" in the event that the supervisor appears. In my generation, employees play on smartphones. Games like "Pokémon Go" have established themselves among colleagues. Such games are not related to work, but this would be easy to implement.

How can gamification be implemented in e-learning?

The following properties and methods represent only a short excerpt of the possibilities to upgrade a training through gamification and to significantly increase the learning success.


Gamification primarily means, for example, enriching and enhancing training with playful characteristics. This of course also includes the integration of games into the learning topic. The following video explains the Feature Replace function, which is used to easily replace associative relations.

NX rendering with iRay +

New YouTube tutorial series "NX12 Rendering" started

The creation of photo-realistic representations of your own products is becoming increasingly important due to the steadily increasing number of product variants. Since the introduction of the Ray Trace Studio in NX, the use of the visualization tool has been greatly simplified and made accessible to the designer. With the integration of iRay + and the possibility of outsourcing calculations to a server, the results are, as expected, available better and faster.

With the Bizlearn NX rendering - blended learning On our online campus, we offer you the opportunity to get role-based access to the topic of NX rendering regardless of previous knowledge.

As a suggestion and for informative purposes, we are now posting the complete German rendering training on our YouTube channel. In the NX12 rendering tutorials, not only the functions, but also the associated potentials and problems are presented. In principle, the training can be done with any NX version that is equipped with the Ray Trace Studio. We cordially invite you to comment on our training content or to join us in the discussion. There is also the possibility of learning the training content on our online campus and completing it with a certificate. Just ask us about it.

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