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NX New
Sketch Solver.

The new NX Sketch Solver Training is here!
Siemens has done a very good job again and offers a completely new approach to sketching with the new Sketch Solver Tool. There is no need to enter parameters, and geometries and relations are now automatically recognized. Behind this is actually an artificial intelligence in the new solver. The user can work much more freely than before.

Siemens even promises a time saving of 30% in the first idea phase of a design. So if sketching takes up a large part of your daily work, you shouldn't wait any longer and get started with the Siemens NX Continuous Release.


If you've been used to the old NX Sketch Solver for years, it will certainly not be easy for you to make the change at first. But that's exactly what we can help you with! We know the typical problems that can arise during the changeover, because our trainer Simon went through exactly the same process right after the release. We found that the old and new solvers shouldn't be compared too much with one another. Because the new Sketch Solver really brings a new, better approach.

In this training we will not only show you what has changed in the Sketch Solver. But also what is necessary to work comfortably and efficiently with the new Sketch Solver.

Because without a suitable working method, the potential of a tool will not be tapped!

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Training content

  • Correct positioning of a sketch
  • Creation of curves, relations and dimensions
  • System Relations and Persistent Relations
  • External and Internal Sketches
  • Modularity of sketches
  • Working with imported curves
  • Sketch Groups
  • External references
  • Choosing the right selection rules
  • Adjusting and reorienting sketches
  • Working with great sketches


  • Master the new Sketch Solver

  • 12 months access to our Bizlearn Online Campus

  • Hours of video material, each with an audio explanation

  • Audio available in EN (other languages ​​on request)

  • Customized training content (available on request)

  • Live support for 30 days (before and after training) with trainer Simon

  • Maintenance and moderation of the learning platform

  • PDF handout and final evaluation of the training success

  • Weekly reporting (from 30 users)

  • Our Chinese servers are always included


We have that NX New Sketch Solver created as a separate course for both NX beginners and experienced users. There, trainer Simon shows you the practice-oriented, correct application of the new tool. Even experienced users will get to know some CAD secrets here.

It's important to us that you don't use the new NX Sketch Solver in the way you were used to with the old solver. Because this causes problems and the potential of the new solver is not used. Therefore, in this training we teach the necessary approaches to be able to work comfortably and productively with the new solver.

The aim is that after completing the training you will be able to use the new Sketch Solver and thus be able to start your design work much faster and more intuitively.



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