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The Sheet Metal Module is one of the NX user environments that are increasingly in demand. The construction of sheet metal geometries is also possible using standard commands such as extrude etc. But this procedure is very time-consuming and not consistent enough. The PLM process chain is significantly supported by the use of the NX Sheet Metal Toolbox due to the possibility of mapping the sheet metal geometries in a manner suitable for production and of integrating production-relevant information easily and automatically.

Construction experience with Siemens NX or the completion of the first basic courses are helpful for this training. The already learned handling of drawing derivations is helpful but not a basic requirement.

Siemens NX Sheet Metal Training
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  • Master the Siemens NX Sheet Metal Module

  • 12 months access to our Bizlearn Online Campus

  • Hours of video material, each with an audio explanation

  • Audio available in different languages ​​(DE, EN, FR, CN and more on request)

  • Customized training content (available on request)

  • Live support for 30 days (before and after training) with trainer Simon

  • Maintenance and moderation of the learning platform

  • PDF handout and final evaluation of the training success

  • Weekly reporting (from 30 users)

  • Our Chinese servers are always included


In this seminar you will be taught the easy-to-use options for creating parameterized sheet metal models. In addition, the functionalities for creating user-defined forming and bending sequence tables are explained. The creation of the sheet metal processing as well as the preparation of the production-ready drawing round off the complex of topics. We always make the scope of the training individually dependent on the complexity of the products and the participants. The duration then extends from one to two days.

Training content

  • Overview of the NX Sheet Metal user interface and preferences
  • Creation of sheet metal base features and detail features, etc.
  • Creation of parameterized sheet metal parts with the help of construction and sheet metal form elements
  • Deep drawing (recess, flange hole, lamella, bead, punching, etc.
  • Bend (undo, bend again)
  • Definition of production-relevant parameters
  • Define custom shaping and bending sequence tables
  • Creation and processing of sheet metal developments
  • Creation of the production-ready drawing with the sheet metal processing



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