Project description


The NX freeform surface training for industrial designers and constructors


In this training, background knowledge on creating surfaces as well as methodology and the available features are conveyed using continuous examples. In principle, the combination with standard commands that have already been learned is also trained. The subject of reuse and the associated general design theory are also taken into account, insofar as this is necessary.

The training is designed for industry or product designers and construction engineers. The core content for both roles is initially the same. For industrial designers, the training is designed with regard to theoretical content such as class A surface modeling and the corresponding features. In addition to the basics, designers, on the other hand, learn how to ideally deal with design surfaces in the context of the assembly or construction. The theoretical content is also dealt with a little less intensively for the designer. The specialization of the NX Freeform course avoids redundancies. The course participant is only shown content that is relevant to him. The training can therefore be carried out in 3-5 days.

The prerequisite is that the participants already have construction experience with Siemens NX or have completed their first basic courses.

NX freeform training


Surface construction (designer):

The construction method requires the use of features that lead to surfaces (e.g. deep-drawn, stamped parts), but not with regard to the creation of free-form surfaces! As soon as the components have different wall thicknesses, it is advisable to work on a solid basis!

    • The construction is based on sketches.
    • The required commands are already sufficiently available in the Mach 1 bundle.
    • high variety of functions and methods (video training / webinar)
    • Hybrid construction

      Freeform surface construction (industrial designer):

      Static or aesthetic requirements for surfaces require not only theoretical knowledge of surface construction but also experience in handling analysis tools!

        • Construction based on sketches & other curve features to create B-splines.
        • Some of the necessary commands are only available in the Mach 3 bundle.
        • High level of theory
        • Information and analysis

          Training content

          • Polynomial functions
          • Understanding objects in NX
          • Procedures in freeform surface construction
          • Curve parameters & tolerances
          • Curve features
          • Derived curves
          • Curve analysis
          • Area parameters
          • Area analysis
          • Methods for creating surfaces
          • Editing of surfaces
          • Troubleshooting
          • Derive from solids

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