NX basic construction


NX BASIC CONSTRUCTION. Rapid Basics e-learning for NX CAD beginners and those changing over The Bizlearn NX Rapid Basics e-learning is aimed equally at CAD system switchers and CAD beginners. The course conveys the subject areas of assemblies, sketches, volume construction and drawing creation. A proper methodology that complies with construction guidelines is the constant focus! [...]

NX sheet metal construction


NX SHEET METAL CONSTRUCTION. The extensive and individual NX Sheet Metal Training The sheet metal module is one of the NX user environments that are in increasing demand. The construction of sheet metal geometries is possible using standard commands such as extrude etc., but on the one hand it is very time-consuming and not consistently enough. With the possibility of your sheet metal geometries [...]

NX freeform surface construction


NX FREE-FORM CONSTRUCTION. The NX freeform surfaces training for industrial designers and constructors LEARNING OBJECTIVES. In this training, background knowledge on creating surfaces, as well as methodology and the available features are conveyed using continuous examples. In principle, the combination with standard commands that have already been learned is also trained. The topic [...]

NX 1953 update


NX 1953 UPDATE. The e-learning for experienced Siemens NX users In this course, you will learn all the new features within the NX Mach 3 bundle, based on the NX version you have previously used. Other topics beyond the CAD bundle can be integrated into the training if required. General [...]

NX rendering with IRay +


NX RENDERING WITH iRay + The e-learning for beginners & advanced users In this course, in 110 minutes of video, you will be shown everything you need to create photorealistic graphics of your products with Siemens NX, from the basics of NX rendering to Iray + -specific properties produce. The prerequisite is that the [...]

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