Siemens CAD Secrets
for Beginners and Pros!

The secret behind a successful working routine is implementing the right workflows from an early stage! But even if you are an experienced Siemens NX user, you should never stop learning.


In our Siemens NX Trainings we always focus on communicating entire workflows instead of boring video documenation. And the new Siemens NX 1980 Update promises a lot of new possibilities and innovations to discover. But also if you are using older Siemens NX versions, we have helpful tips and tricks for you. Our trainer and NX-expert Simon helps you to discover the full potential of Siemens NX CAD. Your constructions will become update-stable and you will have the best possible overview of your features and the number of alerts. Also your calculation time will be reduced to a minimum! Therefore we have compiled a playlist with 190 minutes of completely free Siemens NX content. The perfect opportunity to refresh and expand your knowledge!

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Siemens CAD Secret # 1: Improve your Selection Rules

This renewal regarding the display of Selection Rules was released with the Siemens NX 1926 Update. Within this video Simon explains a simple enhancement concerning the Selection Rule dropdown. This topic is the perfect opportunity to talk about Horizontal Modeling in general! If Horizontal Modeling in Siemens NX is new for you, we recommend you our assorted Playlist containing 190 Minutes of NX CAD Secrets for beginners and professionals on Youtube. But what exactly is the difference between Selection Rules and Selection Filters? A filter is always used temporarily and reduces the possible selection. And Selection Rules define how a selected Reference will behave in the future.

Siemens CAD Secret # 2: Integrate Horizontal Modeling strategies

A lot of problems usually do not appear during the initial design creation, but afterwards during the modification tasks. The right Siemens CAD workflows can prevent most of those problems. We encounter this issue often during our Siemens NX trainings, because most users never learned how to properly do troubleshooting. In this video Simon explains to you how implementing a Horizontal Modeling strategy into your design gives you a more flexible, durable and comfortable result.

Siemens NX Secret # 3: Create an impossible Intersection Point

Creating an Intersection Point between a Datum Plane and a Datum Axis? Impossible? No!
Creating an Intersection Point between a Line and a Plane would be easy. But of course Simon found a solution, using a very underrated Feature that is not available by default. While the typical Intersection Point Feature fails to complete this task, the Point Set Feature offers a possible solution. In this video Simon explains first of all how to enable the Point Set Feature, and also how to properly use it.

We put together 190 Minutes of Siemens CAD Secrets for you::

The introduced "NX CAD Secrets for Beginners" Playlist (190 Minutes) is basically recommended for new NX CAD users, which have absolved a basic NX training already and want to improve their NX design knowledge by adding the best professional knowledge of modeling principles. But also experienced users will see a lot of unknown secrets within this playlist! We promise!


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