What's New NX 1980?

Work region!

With the new NX 1980 Work Region tool, drawing up sketches is even more convenient. It also speeds up your workflow.


With the new Work Region tool in the Siemens NX 1980 update, your sketch creation is simplified even more than since the implementation of the new Sketch Solver. We have extensively tested the Sketch Solver with our customers since the last continuous release and compared the improvements. The new Work Region function accelerates the workflow even more. Our trainer Simon has, while recording our Rapid Basics Training avoided change worflows with the new Sketch Solver from NX 1926 and enjoys the easy-to-use Work Region tool. This avoids complications and speeds up the adjustment process. He shows you the renewal and alternative workflows in our new YouTube video.

Do you sometimes get annoyed about different behavior of the Sketch Solver when adjusting your sketches? Then the new Work Region tool will save your day!

Work Region - NX 1980 allows for easy modifications.

The solution to your problems is the Work Region tool. How exactly, we explain step by step in the video.

  1. Open the new Work Region Tool with the W key on the keyboard.
  2. Define the objects to be temporarily fixed.
  3. Now you can select the objects that you want to edit. All other objects remain unchanged and relations are relaxed.
  4. You can now change the dimensions of your objects without having to relax manually.
  5. When you have finished adjusting the sketch, open the Work Region Tool (W) again and use “Entire Sketch” to reset the selection.

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NX 1980 - Siemens Continuous Release.

The new NX 1980 update is part of the Siemens Continuous Release Model and has been available since June 2021. Bizlearn offers update training for continuous release in several languages ​​- whether German, English, French or Chinese. It doesn't matter which version you and your team want to start the update process from. We look forward to a non-binding conversation and can help you with your decision.

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