What's New NX 1980?

Rendering with UV Maps!

Since NX 1980 you have been able to apply decals to a user-defined selection of surfaces when rendering - depending on a predefined UV map.


Before NX 1980, a decal could be applied to one surface at a time. If you have selected several areas, the decal was displayed individually on each area. With the new UV map tool since NX 1980 you can now collect a set of areas. These areas will be summarized as one UV map instead of individual maps. The selected decal can then be displayed simultaneously as a single image over all areas selected in the UV map.

This greatly simplifies the workflow when adding a texture. In the past, adding an image was also possible. However, a material had to be used and heavily adapted to achieve a similar result. This is still possible and has its raison d'être because of the many customization options, but needs much more effort and is less user-friendly than the new UV-Map tool in NX 1980.

In this short video you can see a demonstration of the new UV-Map tool. We offer the complete video with audio as standard in our Continuous NX Update Training on our Bizlearn Online Campus (-;

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NX 1980 - Siemens Continuous Release.

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