What's New NX 1980?

Sketch Solver

Constraints vs. Relations!
The new Siemens NX 1980 update offers some improvements in relation to the sketch, based on a new intelligent solver.


Your Coach Simon explains some general sketch creation and modification workflows that might be useful for your everyday work. Since the release of Siemens NX 1980 the software users have reported some problems which have already been solved (some of them, honestly)! Big thanks to Siemensfor always developing fast and into the right direction.

This is the first video of a new tutorial series about the new Sketch Solver. Your trainer Simon introduces workarounds and solutions to help you use the new solver properly. If you have not switched to the new Sketch Solver yet, this is the right time! The target of our trainings is always to improve workflows with the latest possibilities and innovations. We also want to share our knowledge through shorter YouTube videos. If you are interested in a full Siemens NX Training for your team, dont't hesitate to contact us.

Simon stumbled upon a problem within a, at first glance, simple use case. An arrangement problem appears while trying to move a circle, which is related to external objects. System generated relations are changed during a modification outside of the sketch. The same problem appears in NX 12, the Constraints are broken instead of rearranged. This was an unsolvable situation within NX 12 and the old Sketch Solver. But not anymore!

You can now differ between a normal system generated Relation and a persistent Relation, which work very similar as Constraints. How exactly? Simon is explaining it in detail in our latest video.

Update: we will publish a second video concerning the Relation problem and also review some negative aspects, to be fair and to be honest!

NX 1980 Sketch Solver - OLD vs. NEW:

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More about the new Sketch Solver:

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